The annual Consumer Electronics Show is an ideal place for P&G to share its innovation story of connecting breakthrough technology with consumer experience. Last year’s P&G presences received many accolades and awards for both the P&G LifeLab experience, as well as executive participation in marquee CES sessions.

This year P&G will again have a major presence at CES, with an expanded LifeLab experience and stage participation. Whether you are in Las Vegas or not, you are invited to join and follow along with all the planned CES activities. Here are the highlights for your schedule.

P&G CES Conference Sessions


Research Summit: Transforming Routine Habits into Meaningful Consumer Behaviors

9-10am (PT), LVCC North Hall – N256

Featuring David Taylor (Chairman and CEO, P&G), Steve Bishop (CEO, Health Care, P&G), Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh (CEO, Family Care and P&G Ventures, P&G), and Lisa Ernst (R&D VP for Oral and Personal Health Care, P&G). Moderated by Dr. Mehmet Oz.


CES Super Session: Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable: What Do Consumers Want?

1-2pm (PT), LVCC North Hall – N256

Panel session, featuring Susan Shook (Global Privacy Officer, P&G), Rebecca Slaughter (Commissioner, U.S Federal Trade Commission); Erin Egan (VP, Public Policy / Chief Privacy Officer for Policy at Facebook); and Jane Horvath (Senior Director, Global Privacy at Apple).

Privacy is now a strategic imperative for all consumer businesses. “The future is private” (Facebook), and “privacy is a human right” (Apple). How do companies build privacy at scale? Will regulation be a fragmented patchwork? Most importantly, what do consumers want?



C Space Storyteller: Leading Constructive Disruption

10.30-11am (PT), ARIA, Level 2 – Mariposa Ballroom

Featuring Marc Pritchard (Chief Brand Officer, P&G)

The next decade will bring exponential changes in innovation and great leaps forward in creativity. P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, shares P&G’s roadmap to leading constructive disruption through innovation and brand building to reinvent the consumer experience and drive growth.


Equality Lounge: Perception is Everything: Why Visibility for Women is Key to Closing Tech’s Gender Gap

6-6.30pm (PT), Encore Tower Suites – Penthouse Suite

Panel session, featuring Lisa Ernst (R&D VP for Oral and Personal Health Care, P&G)

Across the tech sector, we see people creating the products, services, and programs that challenge the status quo and help create a more inclusive society. How do we get women more engaged? In this conversation, industry leaders will share insights on what it takes to elevate, enhance, and inspire while leading with a commitment to equality for all.


Innovation Policy: Blockchain Building Better Business

1-2pm (PT), LVCC North Hall – N256

Featuring Tanya Stephens (Senior Innovation Leader, P&G)

Blockchain technology has the ability to streamline how we do business.  It can build trust with customers and maximize profits for businesses. But is there the right regulatory framework to reach these capabilities, and how can we prevent falling behind?


P&G LifeLab

The P&G LifeLab experience is located in the Sands Expo, near the Venetian and Palazzo hotels (booth 42131) and is open from Tuesday, January 7, through Friday, January 10. But you don’t have to be in Las Vegas to visit the LifeLab. Through the companion LifeLab website you will find details of the brand and product innovations showcased at CES, and  also a virtual reality experience of the LifeLab. In addition, you can join the various sessions on the LifeLab stage – in person or via the livestream.


P&G LifeLab, Sands Expo #42131 – LIVESTREAM

The Future Of Advertising

11.15am-12.15pm (PT)

Consumers are increasingly avoiding advertising. Three startup founders discuss how they are creating new capabilities that provide more useful and interesting brand engagements for consumers

The Connected Home Through the Eyes of Consumers

2:00pm-3:00pm PT

P&G will examine a day in the life of a consumer as she or he navigates the evolving home,  exploring the way that living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices are evolving in this ever-changing industry. Product demos and experiences will be held throughout the day.


P&G LifeLab, Sands Expo #42131 – LIVESTREAM

P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge

9.30am -11.30am (PT)

P&G Ventures, P&G’s internal startup studio, invited entrepreneurs, inventors, and startups to submit a product pitch for its second innovation challenge. Watch the top four finalists pitch their products live on the P&G stage.

Delighting Consumers Through AI

1-2pm (PT)

Join us as a panel of leading experts discuss real-world applications of AI within their business and how they are leveraging AI to transform how their companies are solving business challenges.

The Future of OTT

4-5pm (PT)

Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO, Quibi) and Marc Pritchard (Chief Brand Officer, P&G) share their perspectives on the future of OTT, industry trends, and the changing entertainment landscape. Product demos and experiences will be held throughout the day.


P&G LifeLab, Sands Expo #42131 – LIVESTREAM

The Future of the Consumer Experience

10.15 -11.15am (PT)

Join trailblazers leading a bold new wave of transformation across industries and learn how technology is facilitating a fully integrated evolution – from fairer hiring practices to more equitable marketing models, cleaner and more transparent supply chains, and much more.

The Road to Equality: Amplifying Women’s Voices in 2020

1-1.30pm (PT)

Join Marc Pitchard (Chief Brand Officer, P&G) and Kim Azarelli (Co-founder, Seneca Women) discuss how technology – in particular podcasting – provides a unique opportunity in 2020 to fast-forward progress for women through the amplification of women’s voices around the world. Product demos and experiences will be held throughout the day.

Exploring the rest of CES

To explore the full CES experience, please visit the CES website. Many of the conference presentations will be available through live streaming or have videos available afterwards.