Appealing to consumers with the right message at the right time is the holy grail in advertising. It doesn’t work so well when customers don’t feel like they’re seen or heard. And the LGBTQ community has definitely not felt seen or heard by P&G in the past.

“They Will See You,” a new film about LGBTQ representation in advertising, is the third in a series from P&G that shines a spotlight on the company’s long road to inclusion of diverse populations. This film takes an honest look at some of the coded ads from P&G since the 1800s, among them, broad stereotypes that distorted and parodied, and overly subtle messaging that pushed LGBTQ lifestyles into the shadows.

“For a community that is traditionally underrepresented, visibility is everything,” says Brent Miller, global LGBTQ equality leader at Procter & Gamble.

Watch the trailer below: