When Hugh Evans was 14, he discovered first-hand what Warren Buffett has termed the “ovarian lottery” — that by accident of birth, some people are born into poverty and suffering, while others aren’t. On a school trip to the slums of Manila, Evans, who was being raised in a comfortable life in Melbourne, Australia, witnessed “an entire community built on a rubbish dump.” He became determined to work against poverty and launched Global Citizen to do just that.

Evans has leveraged techniques to encourage young people to his cause. It’s worked: At Global Citizen events that feature stars such as Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Miley Cyrus and more, the audience is made up of attendees who have earned their way there through anti-poverty actions that earn them enough points to be admitted for free. 

Now, Global Citizen, which had to cancel its annual live event this year, has turned its sights to the U.S. presidential election, with a “Just Vote” campaign. Enlisting Eilish and others, Global Citizen is offering incentives for individuals who check their voter registration.

Evans sat down with John Battelle to discuss Global Citizen’s mission and the “Just Vote” campaign. Watch their discussion below: