Clover Hogan demonstrates that it’s possible to be both deeply cynical and hopeful at once, not an easy place to be when it comes to sustainability issues. 

The 20-year-old climate change activist, speaking at Signal 2020 in July, chastised Starbucks for replacing plastic straws with paper ones (“rebadging” the problem and “profiting from the attention”), then pointed to herself and individuals everywhere. “From the clothes on my back to the food in my fridge or the products in my home, I am responsible for the climate crisis,” she said.

But she said there’s still time for change. “While the climate crisis might be the greatest threat we’ve ever faced, it’s also the biggest opportunity we have the chance to rethink so much of how we live, breathe and exist,” she said.

To be sure, many companies have begun to roll out more aggressive sustainability plans, including P&G. “The thing that gives me hope is that for all the ways we’ve messed up, there are so many ways to fix it,” she said.

Watch Hogan’s full session below: