The pandemic has shaken up a lot of industries, with some benefitting wildly and others in retreat. Roku and others in the streaming industry fall into the former category, as consumers turned to digital screens during lockdowns. For Roku, that has meant an explosion in users and usage — 43 million by the end of the second quarter, up 41% year over year. 

“Sometimes it takes a shock to the system to really precipitate the next set of changes,” says Scott Rosenberg, vice president and general manager of platforms at Roku, who spoke with John Battelle in our Signal Conversation series.

As Roku has become one of the leading channels for consumers to get their streaming fix, its direct connection with consumers has inspired the company to expand into adjacent areas, including its advertising business. The company recently launched OneView, a data platform launched in May that gives marketers a way to place and track ads across multiple channels even beyond the Roku universe, with a focus on identity marketing

Hear Scott Rosenberg as he explains the learning curve between digital and traditional buyers and sellers, the problem of ad load, whether content spending is in step with consumer demand, anthropological differences between brand and performance marketing professionals, and differences between the US and international media markets.

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