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Jingzhuo Mao had a problem on her hands. The Opte Precision Skincare System she helped to develop reliably made splotched skin flawless. In the form of an electronic “wand,” it detected and fixed blemishes when waved over skin — as long as it was used correctly. It was thrilling to see the happiness Opte brought to consumers – but the product itself had to be assembled just so, and applying it effectively required a certain technique, one that had to be learned.

“Customers might not have 30 minutes to read all the content and learn everything they need to know,” said Mao, Opte R&D group head at P&G Ventures, who is this month’s Signal Entrepreneur. “They want to learn quickly. So we had to think in terms of 30 seconds or a minute: ‘How do you communicate effectively to educate customers?’”

The answer was to emphasize visual communication with an icon-heavy quick starter guide and

QR codes that linked to a series of short videos that walked customers through different parts of the process. Mao reports a 100% assembly success rate and zero complaints after its launch in China and strong sales.

Opte appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2019 and 2020 and launched earlier this year.

Learn more about the Opte launch from Mao’s interview here: