The entrepreneurs who create the things you didn’t know you needed but ultimately can’t live without are like Jamie Siminoff: use case number one for a vexing problem. For Siminoff, it was the doorbell — couldn’t hear it from certain parts of the house, and didn’t always want to look outside to see who’d rung the bell. 

So, he invented Ring, a doorbell with a camera embedded that connected to a mobile app and notified homeowners whenever someone came to the door. A category of smart doorbells was born.

But Ring didn’t just disrupt doorbells (who knew they needed disrupting?), it was disruptive in other ways, too.

“We stumbled on something that wasn’t just another security product, wasn’t just another gadget,” he said. “It was pre-crime.” Because burglars ring the bell first to make sure no one’s home.

Siminoff joined us at Signal in 2017 to talk about the genesis and success story behind Ring. Watch here: