Company after company have been announcing big plans to go carbon-neutral, or use more recycled packaging, or make other changes to its business to do right by the planet. But who’s tracking it all, and how?

That’s a question Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asked himself, and he realized there wasn’t a good enough answer. Speaking to P&G CEO David Taylor this week at the “It’s Our Home Summit,” Nadella said he decided to fix the problem not only for his own company, but his clients as well.

“There isn’t an ERP system for tracking your carbon footprint and the insights and predictive powers,” said Nadella. “So we’re creating all those software tools and sharing it with customers.”

And it’s not just an ERP tool that Microsoft is working on. To reduce its carbon footprint, it’s looking at better ways to select vendors, and using recycled materials. Taylor shared some of P&G’s efforts, such as capturing and recycling the materials used in packaging, as well as converting contaminated polypropylene so it doesn’t go into the environment.

“Doing good needs to lead to driving growth and driving growth enables us to do more good,” said Taylor.

Watch the CEO pow-wow for more: