When God-Is Rivera joined Signal360 last year to talk about the space that Twitter provides for diverse communities to come together, she noted that #BlackTwitter — a particularly robust community on the platform — had “allowed for a historically marginalized community to find their voice and push back against narratives in ways that they had been often historically excluded.”

After May 25th last year, that conversation expanded across Twitter and beyond. Since then, says Rivera, “we have seen this sort of introspection across the board in a way never before. We have seen various brands take a strong stand by launching hiring and retention programs, investing in Black businesses and committing to auditing their own processes to better represent the Black community.”

Twitter itself has done just that, by increasing its donation to racial justice organizations through a matching program, creating a Black Executive Leadership Program, and updating the company’s compensation strategy to factor in equity and inclusion progress.

But brands can still do more, says Rivera. “Progress that has been made can’t stand in place of decades of commitment and investment that must follow this moment. We still have a long way to go.”

Watch her conversation with FD Wilder about how brands can do more for marginalized communities.