The Signal conference is always stocked with the most brilliant minds in innovation. This year’s lineup, as in years past, also included P&G alums who had gone on to make additional contributions to the future of business in new roles. Here are some of the P&Gers who are bringing the skills of their experiences into creating innovation around the world:

Nilam Ganenthiran · President, Instacart
Years at P&G: 2004-2008
“The final thing we learned which probably is pretty intuitive is there is no one size fits all solution for the consumer journey.”

Joris Beckers · Co-Founder, Picnic
Years at P&G: 1994-2000
“Once upon a time, we loved the service of the milkman. So in a way, we did not reinvent anything, we sort of recreated the milkman service in a new way.”

Vivek Sunder · COO, Swiggy
Years at P&G: 1998-2018
“Crisis is absolutely the best crucible for shaping innovations. Our company was born through a crisis.”

Rosaline Chow Koo · Founder & CEO, CXA Group Singapore
Years at P&G: 1984-1986
“If you survive seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you learn that you can overcome pretty much anything. Failure is not that much of a risk.”

Pete Blackshaw · CEO, Cintrifuse
Years at P&G: 1995-1999
“We’re on a mission to be the number one startup hub in the Midwest and innovation center in the U.S.”

Lisa Baird · Commissioner, National Women’s Soccer League
Years at P&G: 1984-1987
“My ambition isn’t to be the top women’s sport, it’s to be the top sport.”