Sometimes personal stories are personal for others, too. Connie Lim’s song “Quiet,” about surviving sexual abuse, resonated with millions after a bystander captured a performance of the song at the Women’s March in 2017. It catapulted her into stardom and a deal with Atlantic Records.

But just as Lim (known also as MILCK) reclaimed her story through “Quiet,” she has also found a way to take charge of making music and money her own way, through innovative partnerships, like one with P&G. 

Partnerships are a part of her music, too: “Harmony is a really good exercise of learning how to trust myself to sing a note while others sing their own unique notes. And then together with that trust and self expression, we create something really beautiful.”

Learn more about the story behind “Quiet” and MILCK, and listen to a special performance of her new song, “I Belong.”