With Signal 2021 last month, we crossed the 10-year mark with the best lineup we’ve ever had. We learned about how TikTokers sparked a nationwide run on feta cheese; “Hot Antitrust Summer” from Terrell McSweeny; the improbability of a four-sided marketplace from Instacart; and the secret corporate consulting background of John Legend.

All sessions are available now, see them all here or start with some of the selections below.

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet, discusses conversational AI, tracking users while maintaining privacy, brand safety, sea cables through Africa, and more. Watch the session here

Janey Whiteside, Walmart, describes the company’s approach to consumers as an “emotional relationship.” Learn more in her session here

Vanessa Pappas and Nick Tran, TikTok,on how the company is working with lawmakers to ensure the platform is secure and safe. Learn more here.

Debra Lee, former head of BET, on opportunities for Black-owned media to go into TV production with “great loyal audiences and big numbers.” Hear more here.

Hugh Evans, Global Citizen, on how the organization has pulled together events during the pandemic to support vulnerable populations around the world. Learn more here.

Lisa Baird, National Women’s Soccer League, has focused on gender parity in media coverage, including through a campaign with Secret. Learn more in her session here.

Pete Blackshaw, Cintrifuse, highlights Cincinnati’s broad scope of innovations and the improvements to the city to draw in more leading thinkers and entrepreneurs. Watch the session here.