As Gen Z grows in influence, they are becoming a powerful part of the consumer base, controlling $143 billion in direct buying power. They live deeply digital lives, they care about sustainability, and they expect brands to make a difference.

To offer views into this important consumer group, we’re tying together two of the themes most important to brand readers — our October issue on the future of media and advertising, and our November focus on Gen Z — and holding our first-ever “Signal360 Sessions,” two 30-minute behind-the-scenes live video discussions featuring two companies that work closely with Gen Z.

Roblox, often called a “metaverse platform,” home to 48.2 million users, ranks as the fourth most popular apps with Gen Z. Through avatars, players play games, watch concerts, and hang out with friends. They may have attended Lil Nas X’s concert in March that drew 33 million views, or wandered through the Gucci Garden, an indication of where brands are headed. According to a Youth Marketing Strategy survey, 65% of Gen Z have spent money inside these metaverses and games. Roblox’s chief business officer, Craig Donato, will join John Battelle for a live conversation, streaming on LinkedIn. Register here.

Wren gets at the heart of a key brand concern of the Gen Z population: climate change. Run by Landon Brand, a Gen Z entrepreneur, Wren helps individuals with carbon off-sets similar to the way companies offset their carbon footprints. Brand will join Signal360 managing editor Laura Rich for a live discussion on the ways Gen Z expects brands to act sustainably. Register here.

The conversations are available for viewing in our November issue , as well as on our LinkedIn page