The metaverse vaulted pretty swiftly into public awareness with Facebook’s announcement that it was changing its name to “Meta.” But it’s nothing new for millions of Gen Zers and companies like Roblox, a platform for online games and virtual worlds that launched in 2006.

“The metaverse is very much a phenomenon that is of a new generation,”  said Craig Donato, chief business officer of Roblox, speaking at our first LinkedIn Live Signal Conversation last month. “Our belief having watched kids in the metaverse is that they see reality differently than we do. We think of them as the true Metaverse natives. Someone old like myself, I see that there’s this digital world and this physical world, and they’re very, very distinct, and I don’t hold them together in my head. Yet we see kids seamlessly having one leg in each world, always. They’re always online, and they’re always offline, and they don’t see them as distinct.”

With Roblox’s 43.2 million daily users and time spent averaging two and a half hours per day (with total audience at 100 million hours per day), the metaverse is being set up for a contest with television for eyeballs and ad dollars.

Learn more about Roblox and the potential of the metaverse in the full conversation, below: