To help attendees prepare for Signal 2021 in July, we partnered with Recount Media for the quickest take on the most important developments in six key areas over the previous unusual 12 months. It’s now six months later, and these trends continue to impact our world. Catch up on the most important insights below:

The digital transformation of audiences was completed: Travis Scott held a concert for 12.3 million on Fortnite. A brand that makes eye shadow became a popular channel on Twitch. And we almost finished watching all of Netflix. Advertisers noticed.

It became not weird to shop on Snapchat — or in a video game. But the big story would ultimately play out as the stunting of the supply chain, a confluence of events that showed just how little digital matters in getting goods from point A to point B.

We gravitated toward brands and people that were authentic — as Hyundai suggested in a TV ad (developed, presumably, before the chip shortage put cars in short supply).

We turned AI into a force for good: Facial recognition software got the can and trash got smart, as it became clear that AI had a bias problem with faces, but could be used to spot the difference between landfill waste and recycling.

Businesses got a new rap — a good one! Companies got real about diversity, equity and inclusion, and upped their pledges to stop polluting the planet.

But the main event was tech — which kept life humming along, whether through hologram interviews, mRNA that dramatically compressed vaccine development time, or packages delivered by drone. 

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