Predictions are a risky business. In our January issue we were hopeful, anticipating an end to the pandemic by year’s end. Well, here we are. Ready to enter a next chapter after another challenging year for humanity. We are moving from a world learning to cope to a world of constant change. 

Our lives continue to be affected by high levels of uncertainty and volatility. As individuals we have been forced to make many adjustments to how we live our lives: how we go shopping, how we stay in touch with others, how we work, where we live, and what’s important to us. The collective change it has created is dramatic, often unexpected, and more permanent than anticipated. This is nicely summarized by these Signal ’21 Recount videos: chip shortages, digital entertainment, supply chain bottlenecks, digital commerce, and environmental sustainability. For P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard the word that best describes this past year is ‘acceleration.’    

2021 has shown our remarkable ability to adapt to change. As people we are resilient. We still find ways to live our lives, often turning challenges into opportunities. Many Signal speakers provided inspiring illustrations. Empathy and creativity are essential ingredients for resilience. When it comes to the future of work Sherry Turkle (MIT Professor) eloquently highlights the courage of empathy, placing people’s needs at the center. Despite dramatic changes to how we work, we still get it done, often beyond expectations. Creativity and agility lead to great stories such as the successful Latin American launch of Charlie Banana cloth diapers in Latin America.

Change creates opportunity. Signal360 will continue to be your source for inspiration and education to show what’s possible in a world where rapid change will be a constant. We wish you the resilience, empathy, and creativity to make 2022 a year of opportunity, and growth for everyone. Happy Holidays!

Stan Joosten & John Battelle,

Editors-In-Chief, Signal360 / Co-founders, Signal P&G