Predictions are a tough endeavor even in the most ordinary of times. But in any year, a safe starting point is the continued fast pace of digital technology innovation, which has an increasing impact on our lives. The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas provides an abundance of illustrations. 

In the past few years, P&G has become a prominent exhibitor at the world’s largest technology event, showing how brands solve consumer problems in useful ways with state-of-the-art technologies. Oral B’s partnership with orthodontics startup Grin is an interesting example of how digital technology and business model innovation can lead to interesting and useful solutions for oral care. And don’t miss Tide’s partnership with NASA that explores new frontiers for detergents in water-constrained environments. Given the growing water shortages around the world, this is a growing consumer problem to be solved. Both examples demonstrate the practical opportunities of technology for consumers of everyday products and services.

An important lesson from CES every year is that not all interesting gadgets will be successful. Expect to hear much news about NFTs, metaverse, electric cars, bigger TVs, even smart bird feeders and temporary tattoo printers. To help find and navigate the real opportunities, we asked seasoned tech journalist Dan Tynan to give his perspective on how the latest tech trends might impact consumers and brands. His take: “Things are about to get weird.” Also, revisit CNET editor at large Brian Cooley’s smart home session from Signal 2021 that offers great insights on how connected home technology is shaping the way we live — and where it still falls short of being “smart.”

For a broader view on the year ahead, we interviewed Ben Thompson, founder and author of Stratechery, who provides some thoughtful observations on business and technology in the year ahead. Sometimes it is small changes like Apple’s iPhone privacy setup that have the biggest consequences for business. John Battelle’s 2022 predictions provide substantive suggestions on what will be making headlines in the months ahead, including crypto, metaverse, TikTok, streaming, and climate change.

We have learned to expect the unexpected. Signal360 will continue to be your innovation guide on the topics that matter to you, to separate signal from noise. Our resolution is to provide you with great inspiration and education to navigate the opportunities for a successful year ahead. 

Until next month!

Stan Joosten & John Battelle,
Editors-In-Chief, Signal360 / Co-founders, Signal P&G