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Just as clothes and fabrics vary across countries around the world, so do the ways in which consumers want to wash them. In Africa, developing a laundry offering required understanding the nuances that distinguished the 54 African countries from one another.

“Our job is to make sure laundry is something you look forward to doing,” says Seyi Siffre, director of analytics and insights at P&G Africa and Pakistan Laundry.

That means understanding what people care about from country to country. In Nigeria, says Siffre, consumers care first and foremost about keeping the bright colors in their clothes very bright, with not a hint of fading. Kenyans want a deep sense of freshness. South Africans want to be able to get stains out but preserve the color at the same time. To develop a brand connection with these consumers, Siffre’s team developed different products for each market.

“All of this is coming from the foundation of consumer knowledge,” she says. “What is the key need in the market, and where do we have a gap today?”

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