Signal 2021 marked the ten-year anniversary of the Signal community. This very special occasion gave us a remarkable chance to not only look back and reflect on what we’ve learned, but even more importantly, to look forward and imagine what the path ahead will hold. Watch the videos below for speakers and insights over the last 10 years and click here to see what you missed..

Signal 2021
July 14-15, 2021


Featured Speakers (view full list here)

Speakers we will welcome this year include: Noubar Afeyan · CEO, Flagship Pioneering, Marc Allen · Chief Strategy Officer, The Boeing Company / Board Member P&G, Lisa Baird · Commissioner, National Women’s Soccer League, Mary Barra · CEO, GM, Joris Beckers · Co-Founder, PicnicJoy Buolamwini · Founder, Algorithmic Justice League / MIT, Maverick Carter · Co-Founder & CEO, Springhill Company, Rosaline Chow Koo · Founder & CEO, CXA Group Singapore, Brian Cooley · Editor-at-Large, CNET, Hugh Evans · Founder & CEO, Global Citizen, Jian Fan · CTO, China Unicom Group, Scott Galloway · Professor, NYU, Nilam Ganenthiran · President, Instacart, Malcolm Gladwell · Author & Co-Founder, Pushkin Industries, Eric Kawabata · General Manager Asia Pacific, Terracycle, Chloe Kim · U.S. Olympic SnowboarderDebra Lee · Chairman Emeritus, BET networks / Board Member P&G, John Legend · Musical Artist, Dr. Fei-Fei Li · Professor, Stanford University · Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI Institute, Connie Lim · Singer-songwriter, Terrell McSweeny · Partner, Covington / Former FTC Commissioner, James Mi · Founding Partner, Lightspeed China Partners, Vanessa Pappas · COO, TikTok, Sundar Pichai · CEO, Google, Rob Portman · U.S. SenatorBernardo ‘Bernardinho’ Rocha de Rezende · Brazilian Olympic Volleyball Coach, Orville Schell · Arthur Ross Director of the Center on US-China Relationships, Asia Society, Sean Summers · CMO, Mercado Libre, Vivek Sunder · COO, Swiggy, Nick Tran · Head of Global Marketing, TikTok, Dara Treseder · CMO, Peloton, Janey Whiteside · Chief Customer Officer, Walmart and Jun Yang · Co-Founder & CTO, Dada.

Host John Battelle, co-Founder and CEO of Recount Media, will engage presenters on what they’ve learned over the past 12 months while exploring the paths they plan to take in a world forever changed. Stay tuned for many more speaker announcements!

Signal 2021 Speakers

Kathy Abusow · President & CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Noubar Afeyan · CEO, Flagship Pioneering
Marc Allen · Chief Strategy Officer, The Boeing Company | Board Member, P&G
Lisa Baird · Commissioner, National Women’s Soccer League
Mary Barra · CEO, GM
John Battelle · Founder & CEO, Recount Media
Joris Beckers · Co-Founder, Picnic
Pete Blackshaw · CEO, Cintrifuse
Joy Buolamwini · Founder, Algorithmic Justice League / MIT
Maverick Carter · Co-Founder & CEO, SpringHill Company
Rosaline Chow Koo · Founder & CEO, CXA Group Singapore
Brian Cooley · Editor-at-Large, CNET
Imani Ellis · Founder & CEO, CultureCon & The Creative Collective NYC
Hugh Evans · Founder & CEO, Global Citizen
Dr. Jian Fan · CTO, China Unicom Group
Scott Galloway · Professor, NYU
Nilam Ganenthiran · President, Instacart
Malcolm Gladwell · Author & Co-Founder, Pushkin Industries
Damon Jones · Chief Communications Officer, P&G
Stan Joosten · Signal Innovation, P&G
Eric Kawabata · General Manager Asia Pacific, Terracycle
Jennifer Kent · VP Research, Parks Associates
Chloe Kim · U.S. Olympic Snowboarder
Debra Lee · Chairman Emeritus, BET Networks | Board Member, P&G
Paul Lee · Partner, Deloitte UK
John Legend · Entertainer, Advocate, EGOT
Dr. Fei-Fei Li · Professor, Stanford University | Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI Institute
Connie Lim · Singer-Songwriter
Terrell McSweeny · Partner, Covington | Former FTC Commissioner
James Mi · Founding Partner, Lightspeed China Partners
Vanessa Pappas · COO, TikTok
Sundar Pichai · CEO, Google & Alphabet Inc.
Senator Rob Portman
Matthew Price · President, P&G China
Marc Pritchard · Chief Brand Officer, P&G
Bernardo ‘Bernardinho’ Rocha de Rezende · Brazilian Olympic Volleyball Coach
Orville Schell · Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.-China Relationships, Asia Society
Sean Summers · CMO, Mercado Libre
Vivek Sunder · COO, Swiggy
Magesvaran Suranjan · President, P&G Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa
David Taylor · Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, P&G
Nick Tran · Head of Global Marketing, TikTok
Dara Treseder · Chief Marketing & Communications Officer | Board Director, Peloton
Janey Whiteside · EVP, Chief Customer Officer, Walmart
Jun Yang · Co-Founder & CTO, Dada Group