Signal Summit 2022
July 13, 2022

Signal 2022 marked the 11th year of our Signal community — and our first hybrid event combining both in-person sessions with live virtual conversations, all under our theme of “Learn. Lead. Build.” Hosted by John Battelle, co-founder and CEO of Recount Media, Signal drew some of the biggest names in industry and technology, from Meta to Instacart, Walmart to Microsoft, and Epic Games to TikTok. Sheela Subramanian, vice president at Slack and co-founder Future Forum, summed up many of the themes of Signal – including the evolving employee experience, the state of digital, sustainability, and even the supply chain – by declaring “the importance of going digital first.” 

Stay tuned for video highlights of sessions you missed or those you want to watch again! For now, we’ve captured some of the thoughts from the innovators, founders and company leader who shared their time with us at this year’s event.

“Without a healthy planet you can’t have a good business.”  – Doug McMillon, Walmart CEO

“The data shows us female founders are more likely to care about social impact than men when building a business. This is absolutely pertinent in this post-Covid world that we live in.” – Virginia Tan, founding partner, Teja Ventures and co-founder She Loves Tech

“We’re going to bring scale to this marketplace and opportunities to those who haven’t had them before.” – Richelieu Dennis, Chairman and co-founder, Group Black

Supply chain has once and for all, killed the urban legend of brand loyalty. The pressure is on blue chip brands to continue to earn that commitment. We’re not going to call it loyalty … call it a commitment to continue to use your products.” – John Dick, founder and CEO, Civic Science

The number one, two and three priorities in the company … the security of people’s data. We’re going to be under more scrutiny than anybody … we’re going to speak with our actions.” – Blake Chandlee, president, global business solutions, ByteDance/TikTok

“We used to think of the office as the nucleus of work and digital tools as secondary. And now we’ve seen the importance of going digital first.” – Sheela Subramanian, vice president at Slack, co-founder Future Forum

“When we think about the biggest problems, technology can make all of that better.” – Fidji Simo, Instacart CEO

“Creativity is an essential 21st Century skill.” – Julia Goldin, chief product & marketing officer, The LEGO Group

“Some say AR is not right for my brand. People make decisions based on their own experiences or lack there of. And that creates a blind spot.” – Kimberlee Archer, head of global marketing, augmented reality, Snap

“If you think of the Metaverse as part of internet, and the internet changed everything including politics, then that’s what we do.” – Matthew Henick, Metaverse Lead, Epic Games


10 Years of the P&G Signal Summit Highlights

Starting with Signal 2012, we’ve interviewed some of the world’s thought leaders virtually and live on stage, who have helped to inspire, educate and motivate future industry leaders in their field.

We spoke with Google’s then Americas president Margo Georgiadis highlighting then about the speed and adoption of mobile back at Signal 2013, and also Alibaba’s Sherry Wu telling us, “we want to bring the world to China, and also China to the world,” during Signal 2015.

Harvard University’s Linda A. Hill shared how you can’t “plan your way to an innovation, you have to act your way to an innovation,” at Signal 2017. And we heard Ron Howard talk about making stories audiences want to see while monetizing those releases no matter their format –  but noting he doesn’t believe “the theatrical experience is going to disappear for all time,” during Signal 2020.

You can listen to more of these amazing leaders, creators and pioneers as they share their thoughts and insights with Signal’s John Battelle and the Signal audience in our video highlights below from 10 years of the P&G Signal Summit.