Since 2012 we have produced Signal P&G, a remarkable “inside out” conference that welcomes the world’s most innovative business leaders into the company’s headquarters in Cincinnati. Each year in July, we bring together nearly two dozen remarkable speakers to inspire an audience of thousands around the world to learn and take action – driving constructive disruption throughout the P&G ecosystem globally.

Over the years, Signal has welcomed founders of world-changing tech platforms, C-suite leaders from across the globe, and brilliant entrepreneurs on the cusp of changing their industries. Signal has truly become a world class event, thanks to the interest of the global P&G community. Every year we add a few experiments to make it even better. But it only happens once a year – and for just one day. So a year or so ago we began exploring how to continue the inspiration, education, and activation from the Signal event to the other 360+ days of the year. And soon, a new experiment will begin!

Announcing Signal360. As a natural evolution of P&G’s Signal conference, Signal360 is a new media platform inspired by its namesake event. Our mission is to keep you informed on the core theme that has driven Signal’s programming since 2012: Preparing for the near future of business by telling the story of practitioners inventing that future, inside and outside P&G. Each monthly edition of Signal360 will feature stories designed to inspire, educate, and challenge you to take action.

Signal360 will publish monthly, with a few news notes in between. Our first edition will launch during CES in January, reporting on P&G’s participation. As a teaser, we’ve created a video compilation from last July’s conference featuring key themes, speakers, and topics informing our editorial mission. Take a look. As a participant in Signal 2019 you are already signed up for our Signal360 newsletters. If this was forwarded to you, feel free to register here, and forward to others who may be interested. See you in January for the inaugural CES Edition of Signal360!

Stan Joosten & John Battelle

Co-founders, Signal P&G / Editors-in-Chief, Signal360