This year has brought new challenges and new examinations of what it means to serve customers and communicate brand ideals into the world. At P&G, managers and executives across the globe have taken this to heart, bringing new ways to make business a force for good. This month at Signal 2020, you’ll hear about these inspiring, innovative approaches. Get a sneak-peek below:

Tide Dry Cleaners (US)
Tide Cleaners started bringing a mobile laundromat to communities in need during Hurricane Katrina. In the pandemic, frontline workers became a new focus of Loads of Hope. But sending trucks into communities created risk of exposure to the virus, so the team used the Tide Dry Cleaners stores to allow frontline workers to drop off their laundry in lockers and receive a free service. More than 100,000 workers have had their clothes cleaned through Tide Dry Cleaners in the last three months.

#OraRipartiDaTe (Italy)
Overnight, consumer purchase behavior changed, its impact rolling across all ranges of businesses. P&G’s consumer products team in Italy depended on coupons to get consumers in stores where they would see P&G products. With lockdowns, the team needed to cook up a new approach. In record time — less than a month, using agile development — they rolled out a cash-back program to encourage sales. Consumers could still shop, while saving 50% on P&G products.

Project Diesel (India)
In India, P&G team Project Diesel has long worked around taboos to bring menstrual products to women by literally going door to door to educate women, one at a time. With lockdowns, the Project Diesel had to find other ways to conduct education, so it accelerated a plan to take this education online and reach teenage girls with essential information, through the Internet.

Spinning Up Mask Manufacturing (China)
As a demand for masks grew across the world, a P&G division in China quickly spun up new factories to get these pandemic essentials into production. First step: Start production. Second step: Figure out standard operating procedures. The factory quickly churned out two million masks.

Production Without Disruption (Brazil)
At a P&G plant located in Manaus, a COVID hotspot, the plant’s HR leader, Beatriz Boscan, found a way to keep operations on track without disruption.

Keeping Toilet Paper on a Roll (US)
As consumers rushed to stock up on essentials, a P&G plant in Green Bay found ways to keep store shelves stocked with toilet paper while keeping its workers safe, increasing its production time to 24/7.