Innovation is alive and well at P&G, notably through contributions from the 2023 P&G Signal Innovators, who have re-invented new ways forward in recycling, supply chain distribution, data science, media planning, and employee retention. 

Each has helped to transform key sectors in P&G’s business, seeding their ingenuity throughout P&G:

Gian De Belder, Technical Director, Packaging Sustainability R&D
Sustainability: Reinventing Recycling with Holy Grail
Gian De Belder helped to create a new way to recycle packaging called Holy Grail 2.0 — a unique digital watermark that increases the speed and accuracy of the recycling process during sorting.


Irene Poh, Sr. Director Data Science, AI Factory Product Lead
Digital Acumen – Value creation through practical applications from the AI Factory
With AI Factory, Irene Poh is helping to uncover data patterns to optimize multiple facets of how P&G runs its operation. AI Factory transforms data into recommendations sent across the supply chain, production lines, design centers, and more.


Jefri Misawar, Japan Physical Distribution Director
Supply Chain Innovation: Supply Chain Optimization Projects with Advanced Analytics
Misawar sees the supply chain as a web, and data as the link that makes these connections more efficient. Using data optimization, Jefri Misawar helped P&G boost efficiency across the supply chain, speeding up the time consumers and stores get products in hand, while also reducing errors and improving forecasts.


Jasmine Turner, Senior Strategic Media Planner, Braun US
Digital Acumen: Reinventing Media in Grooming
As part of the Braun US team, Jasmine Turner is shepherding real-time data she gleans through Audience Modeler, a P&G and Amazon joint partnership, to target and funnel high-intent consumers towards a purchase — all in milliseconds. The result drives more revenue than is initially invested, and it’s all achieved through AI.


Katie Kelly, Director, NA Sales Talent Development
Cem Canikoglu, Senior HR Director, P&G North America, Kroger, and NA Sales Talent
Employee Value Equation – Reinventing NA Sales new-hire program to increase retention
Charged with helping to boost employee retention among new hires at P&G US Sales, Katie Kelly and Cem Canikoglu developed a pre-boarding checklist and welcome package that engaged new employees before they walked through the front door. This, along with other innovation practices including the P&G + Me initiative, has helped to lower new hire attrition from 14% to 7%.

You can hear more about these P&G Signal Innovators during the 2023 Signal Summit on July 12.