The gaming community is a huge opportunity for marketers. But before you plan your first move, the experts at P&G’s first gaming and e-sports summit counseled, you need to understand the audience.
This past February, P&G sponsored a full-day summit featuring experts in the gaming and e-sports industry. The speakers – which included Peer Schneider, editor of IGN Entertainment; Patrick Wixted, senior VP at Ketchum Sports; Ed Gold, marketing director at State Farm; and Miami University’s Professor Glenn Platt, immersed the audience in the current state of these businesses and exciting opportunities for brand building.

If you want to level up, they stressed:

Ditch the gaming stereotypes. The demographics may surprise you. In short, everyone plays games. (A deeper dive: Winning in Gaming and E-sports.)

The gaming opportunities are huge. And they are largely untapped. (For more statistics, see By the Numbers: Advertising in Gaming and E-sports.)

Don’t NASCAR this audience. It doesn’t work to slap stickers on the walls. Approach the gaming community with partnerships and custom activation. Add to gamers’ experience rather than throw ads at them.

Take a few minutes to watch the video. Chances are you’ll up your game!